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Out of Chicago Photography workshops with Tony Reynes and Keith French

Photograph unique destinations

Create amazing images

Receive hands-on instruction from seasoned, professional instructors

Make new friends and have a great time!

I can’t think of two better people to run workshops for Out of Chicago. Tony and Keith are the most passionate photography instructors I know. They will take you to unique locations, at the perfect time of day, and work with you to ensure you get amazing photographs. I’ve never left a photo trip with these guys without a smile on my face and a memory card full of extraordinary images.

Chris Smith

Founder, Out of Chicago Photography

Late Fall Barn Photography Workshop

Nov 4th  from 7:30 – 3:30

To increase your opportunity for great shots, we have scouted over 100 local barns in Lake and McHenry Counties. As a result we had the difficult task of chosing  the very best! The tour will consist of visiting 8-12 barns during the day and we will spend an average of 30 minutes at each site, shooting from the road, allowing time to shoot and receive individual instruction if you ask for it. Our time at each location is limited, however, if the group agrees we may find a barn worthy of spending an entire hour.  In order to maximize our time in the field the workshop will depart at 7:30 am SHARP. We will be shooting from the road to maximize the number of barns you can capture,  however, there is a possibility that we will get permission to shoot inside one property.

At some point we’ll stop for fast food to go and a bathroom break when we get to our western most point near Harvard IL. Due to the nature of the workshop, it will be hard to pinpoint the exact time of our break so you may want to bring snacks and pace yourself with liquid intake. Once we get to the western half of McHenry County there is little to nothing in the way of services without seriously deviating from or fairly tight schedule.  Depending on the amount of participants, we will likely split the people into a Keith group and a Tony group. We will suggest and help arrange carpooling. The tour will be capped at 20.

Our instruction will center on composition, and exposure through the proper interpretation of your light meter.

Secondary points of instruction may include the proper use of accessory tools such as tripods, filters, and other cool devices.

Eventbrite - Out of Chicago Late Fall Northern IL Barn Workshop

Polo Match- Barn Workshop- Military Veteran Fundraiser

Aug 12-13th  Bettendorf  IA, Quad Cities Area

This workshop is a fund raiser for Operation Horses and Heroes, a 501(c)(3) and will take place at the Quad Cities Polo Club and surrounding area on August 12 and 13th, The tour will consist of premium access to photograph the horses before and during the polo match on Saturday afternoon, a group dinner, an overnight stay  in a local hotel and a barn or horse barn photographic workshop inside three barns the next morning.

The price for this workshop is $100 and is entirely tax deductible as Keith and Tony are donating all their fees to the not-for-profit and the gate for the match has been waived. The fee covers admission to the polo field and the guided barn workshop the next day. The only out of pocket will be gas and tolls, dinner and the hotel room that will be reserved for you. We will spend a maximum of 1 hour at each barn, giving time to shoot and get individual instruction. We will suggest and help arrange carpooling. The group would be capped at 20 people.

Upon registration you will receive the exact location, parking instructions, photography gear recommendations, and any other vital information to make this a fun, comfortable learning experience. Since this is the first time for the Polo Field hosting such an event, and the first time photographing here, we don’t have any good photos of what you can expect. However, imagine the polo match, riders in colorful silks, horses braided with colorful ribbons, and the match itself with horses flexing, and straining, showing off their power and flexibility.  Then Sunday morning we’ll offer exclusive entrance to private barns near the  polo grounds with all of it’s textures, and patterns, livestock, fencing, and so many other artful opportunities.

Operation Horses and Heroes is a 501(c)(3)  Not-for-profit organization dedicated to provide healing and wellbeing to military veterans and active duty suffering from the effects of PTSD, and other traumatic brain injuries through the proven concept of Equestrian Psychotherapy. It is not horseback riding lessons, in fact it is rare if any of the participants in the program actually mount a horse.  It’s more about providing our veterans with a scenario requiring them to work with the horse to accomplish a task under the watchful eye of a highly trained and credentialed Equine Psychotherapist. Using cues from the horse the therapist can establish “tells” about the veteran and use that information to help them understand their PTSD and provide ways to cope with it, or work through it in everyday life situations.
OHH is not funded by any government organization and relies entirely on donations, volunteers, and the support of everyday people like you. We have so far successfully held our 3 and 4 day programs in various locations around the US without it costing our dedicated military men and women any money. It’s bad enough some of them have to take off work, or use precious vacation days for the program, however it works and it vital to healing in the family especially. For more information on Operation Horse and Heroes visit www.operationhorsesandheroes.org or search for them on face book.

Eventbrite - Polo Match and Barn Photography Workshop Fund Raiser benefitting Military Veterans

“Very well thought out and planned. Extremely well-organized. Can’t wait to join another one.”

Amy 2016

“Simply the best class that I have ever taken. The teachers were great at answering questions. Loved the workshop and can’t wait to do another one.”

Donna 2017

“All the planning showed. Great shots. Great chemistry between Keith and Tony”

 Anon 2017

North Dakota Photography Workshop : Ghost buildings, Prairie Life, Hidden Ruins

September 17 – 22

Jump into a time machine to go back over 100 years to a period when this territory was thriving with immigrant farmers. This a once in a lifetime trip so full of image making opportunities it can take you years to sort through all the art you will be able to create. In general, we will be shooting abandoned schools, churches, barns, grain elevators and old cars and trucks. We also have obtained special permission to enter and shoot an intact closed movie house, complete with a popcorn machine; a boarded up multi-story 100 year old hotel; and a gigantic abandoned asylum that feels like it is right out of The Shining.

This incredible photography workshop will consist of six days and five nights. You will fly into Bismarck ND, be picked up and shoot locations on our way to Minot, ND, which will be our hub for the trip; we will stay in one hotel so there is no packing and unpacking. On the road, we will spend a maximum of 2 hours at most sites, giving time to shoot and receive individual instruction. We will aim to be traveling from 7am until 6pm, with time out for a quick lunch. The price includes instruction, hotels and ground transportation while in North Dakota.  If you are interested i this workshop,  you are not going to want to delay as there is a good probability there will be a waiting list since we are going to cap this at 10 participants.The price includes ground transportation in North Dakota, lodging, and lots and lots of instruction.

The instructional  focus will be leading participants to awesome subjects and showing them how to cover them photographically, with composition, lens effects, exposure control filtration, and perspective variation.

Secondary instruction will be use of filters, accessories, tools of the trade and other photo tips as they present themselves.

Eventbrite - Out of Chicago North Dakota - Prairie Life, Ghosts Buildings and Ruins

Michigan Lighthouse Photography Workshop-Lake Michigan

June 9th – 12th

Here is your chance to visit some of the most iconic lighthouses in the Midwest! Each of them represents classic maritime architecture, carried out in stone, brick or steel. It is our finding that most of these treasures can be shot from the beach.  This photography workshop will consist of four days and three nights in 3 different locations. 8-10 light houses will be visited on the western Michigan coast, starting with St. Joseph in the south and ending with Point Betsy in the north.

We will spend a maximum of 2 hours at each site, giving time to shoot and receive individual instruction. Depending on the weather, there may be some dawn and dusk shots, hopefully nap time can be added to the day. We will suggest and help arrange carpooling. We will stay in different hotels each night. Price includes instruction, hotels and transportation. The group will be capped at the first 10 people who sign up.

Our instruction focus will be directed towards composition, or how to cover a subject from all viable angles, what to look for, setting or figuring out optimum exposure, and setting your shot up for optimum post production.

Secondary areas of knowledge sharing will be on metering, tool usage, such as tripod and Neutral Density (ND)  Filters, basic camera assistance and suggestions.

Eventbrite - Out of Chicago-Michigan Light Houses Photo Workshop

“North Dakota was like no other place I have shot. Keith and Tony led us to great places and helped with my compositions.”

Karen 2016

“I truly had an amazing time and learned some new photography tips and tricks. Tony and Keith were wonderful and I made some new friends.”

Jaque 2017

Fall Covered Bridges- Indiana Photography Workshop

October 16th -17th

Indiana posses over 10% of all the covered bridges in the United States and we have scouted out some of the best! This photography workshop will consist of two days and one night. Hopefully at the height of fall colors so these scenery shots will explode with color, and excitement. We will be visiting 8 – 12  covered bridges in Parke County Indiana and the surrounding area.  With nearly 100 bridges in the state, the best looking  and most unique bridges have been isolated for your photographic pleasure and most artistic presentation.  We will be bringing you to the selected bridges at the best time of day to capture their splendor in the fabulous colors of fall.

Our group will spend an average of 60 minutes but a  maximum of 2 hours at each location, giving time to shoot and give individual instruction.  Our intension to walk the group, while on location,  from shot to shot as we share the best location for your camera for capturing color, and light.  Then we will set you free to create and explore. We will also suggest and help arrange carpooling. We’ll stay at a motel in the Terra Haute area. The price includes instruction and lodging.  Due to the constraints of transportation and instructor effectiveness, the group would be capped at the first 10 people signed up.

The instructional  focus will be  showing participants how to cover a subject photographically, with composition, lens effects, exposure control,  and perspective variation. Careful attention will be paid to group shooting etiquette to ensure there are no interlopers wondering into your image.

Secondary instruction will be use of filters, accessories, tools of the trade and other photo tips as they present themselves.

Eventbrite - Out of Chicago- Fall Indiana Covered Bridges Photo Workshop

Watch Tony, Keith, and Chris talk North Dakota as a photography destination on Episode 6 of Out of Chicago Live.

Why attend photography workshops?

It starts with community. We all have something to offer. Once we string our combined talents together we make a stronger community with stronger end results in the arena of which we have applied our learned wisdom. We have all made mistakes and errors. When others can learn from our troubles they get stronger, quicker in that arena. M. Scott Peck, author of the Best Selling Book, “The road less traveled” stated:

When I am with a group of human beings committed to hanging in there through both the agony and the joy of community, I have a dim sense that I am participating in a phenomenon for which there is only one word….”glory.” 

Knowledge is the very least you can expect from a workshop. You will usually receive instruction directly related to your desire. However, the true fact that knowledge coupled with a group of like minded motivated individuals driving home the same points for numerous “hands-on” situations accelerates the learning for long term application.

The Workshop bonus. They are just plain fun. Having the enjoyment of the time spent together achieving a common motivation is refreshing. Individuals having fun, doing what they like and learning new and better ways to make the enjoyment that much more enjoyable. BONUS !!

Community !

About your hosts

Tony Reynes

Tony spends a great deal of time in airports. He travels between 70 and 90 days a year. His love of landscape photography usually keeps him within the US, traveling from border to border. Tony has visited over 70 US National Parks and Monuments. His images tend to evoke a sense of quiet thoughtfulness in the viewer.

Tony has been serious about photography for the last 10 years. Five years ago he started a small side venture to sell his images and merchandise his teaching work. Three years ago he sold his national search company and became a full time pro. He has two companies that sell to industry: one that sells traditional imagery and one that sells room-sized panoramas. Tony is equally passionate about teaching composition and post processing. Although he has about 10 different presentations that he has given to CAPS, the Out of Chicago Conference and to local organizations, he would much prefer to lead a photowalk or teach one-on-one to a few committed students. His teaching philosophy is “if you are not having fun as you learn, we are wasting time”.

Currently Tony is an advisor to the Out of Chicago community, and host or co-host to Out of Chicago photo walks, and photography workshops. He also volunteers as a photography competition judge for the Chicago Area Camera Club Association (CACCA),  judging the best of the best images the Chicago Area photographers have to display.

Keith French

Many novice and amateur photographers begin their love affair with photography in nature. Keith was no different. A few years after learning how to control his camera Keith took a tour of the Smokey Mountains in the early spring, the camera opportunities were abundant in all directions. He was hooked. Not yet a full time photographer, Keith carried his cameras everywhere, Asia, Europe, Australia, both US Coasts, and the desert southwest and Canada. At the same time Keith was getting requests to photograph people, products, events, and saw each new opportunity to branch out into other aspects of photography.

After 18 years of self teaching and mentoring under professional photographers, Keith became the owner of an existing retail camera store and photo studio in 2002 and used that opportunity to accelerate his now professional career in studio photography.  It wasn’t long before camera classes were being held at the store to share the passion on a regular basis. Comfortable in front of a class from his military days Keith has had hundreds of customers take his beginning photography class. An experienced outdoors-men and land navigator trained by the Unites States Marine Corps, and an experienced teaching photographer make the transition  to this type of outdoor, moving classroom a natural progression.

Currently Keith is a full time commercial photographer specializing in B2B visual communication, product photography, and executive head shots.  He has been leading work shops since 2012 in the beauty of southern Il and is the  current president of his local camera club  for 3 years now. Keith is on the schedule to be a presenter for CAPS, and has been a speaker at Out of Chicago, and other local camera clubs.