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Travel Photography

Work and play — Top five tips for finding the balance in travel photography

I live to travel. For me, the greatest feeling is seeing a place for the first time and capturing with … Read More

Profile PhotoJordana WrightJul 28,16

Global food photography tips with Jordana Wright: OOC Podcast Episode 45

In this episode, Chicago-based photographer Jordana Wright joins Michael Novo during the Out of Chicago Conference. As a food and lifestyle photographer … Read More

Profile PhotoMichael NovoJul 11,16

Bridging the gap between Chicago and travel photography

fusion_textMost photographers love to travel; given our curious nature we jump at the chance to explore other cultures and environments. … Read More

Profile PhotoAngie McMonigalFeb 24,16

Working off a shot list with Ralph Velasco: OOC Podcast Episode 24

UPDATE: The code to text has been updated to “Ralph1”. Please email info@outofchicago.com with any questions! Chris talks to Ralph … Read More

Profile PhotoChris SmithJan 18,16