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Post processing

Shooting and stitching panoramas

When shooting cityscapes, and especially skylines, I like using wide image aspect ratios to showcase the width of the city. … Read More

Profile PhotoMichael MurazApril 6, 2017

Building transitional qualities into your images

In May 2017, Ken Koskela will be co-leading a photography tour to Guilin, China with Out of Chicago Summer Conference … Read More

Profile PhotoKen KoskelaApril 13, 2016

An introduction to Lightroom organization

Is your Lightroom catalog a mess? If so, it’s time to clean it up and build better habits! In this … Read More

Profile PhotoNicholas Pappagallo Jr.February 17, 2016

Art Wolfe, Post Processing Night Photos, The Old Seminary at UChicago: OOC Episode 6

Please subscribe and leave a review of the podcast on iTunes. Thanks!   Post Processing for Night Photography White balance … Read More

Profile PhotoChris SmithJune 16, 2014