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A one of a kind New York experience with Lindsay Adler

Last year I went to Photoshop World in Las Vegas for the first time. There were many highlights, like hanging … Read More

Profile PhotoMalinda Miller KavetschankySep 21,16

The evocative portrait

Photographs of people are arguably the most universally compelling genre of photography. The human face is instantly recognizable and relatable. … Read More

Profile PhotoSteve SimonJul 14,16

Don’t make pictures that tell stories. Just make stories.

When you set out to make a great picture, there’s a high chance that you’ll fail. The light could be … Read More

Profile PhotoLevi SimJul 1,16

Advanced retouching: OOC Podcast Episode 29

In this episode of the Out of Chicago Podcast, Michael Novo talks to Mark Serrano, a professional portrait photographer and expert … Read More

Profile PhotoMichael NovoFeb 22,16