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portrait conference

Congratulations to the winners of the first Out of Chicago Print Competition!

This past weekend, we announced the winners of the first-ever Out of Chicago Print Competition. Photos were broken up into … Read More

Profile PhotoBryan EslerApr 14,16

Recapping the Out of Chicago Portrait Conference: OOC Podcast Episode 36

This week on the Out of Chicago Podcast, we recap this weekend’s Portrait Conference with Chris Smith, Michael Novo and … Read More

Profile PhotoChris SmithApr 11,16

Learn to paint with light, with Michael Novo: OOC Podcast Episode 31

In this week’s podcast, Chris sits down with Michael Novo, to discuss the art of light painting. Traditionally a wedding … Read More

Profile PhotoChris SmithMar 7,16

Finding the photographer’s vision with Giulio Sciorio: OOC Podcast Episode 30

This week, Chris sits down with Giulio Scriorio to discuss finding your true voice and vision as a photographer. Giulio is … Read More

Profile PhotoChris SmithFeb 29,16

Defining fine art photography: OOC Podcast Episode 26

We welcome Michael Novo to Out of Chicago, who sits down with fine art photographer Thom Rouse in this episode … Read More

Profile PhotoBryan EslerFeb 1,16