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portrait conference

Congratulations to the winners of the first Out of Chicago Print Competition!

This past weekend, we announced the winners of the first-ever Out of Chicago Print Competition. Photos were broken up into …Read More

Profile PhotoBryan EslerApril 14, 2016

Recapping the Out of Chicago Portrait Conference: OOC Podcast Episode 36

This week on the Out of Chicago Podcast, we recap this weekend’s Portrait Conference with Chris Smith, Michael Novo and …Read More

Profile PhotoChris SmithApril 11, 2016

Learn to paint with light, with Michael Novo: OOC Podcast Episode 31

In this week’s podcast, Chris sits down with Michael Novo, to discuss the art of light painting. Traditionally a wedding …Read More

Profile PhotoChris SmithMarch 7, 2016

Finding the photographer’s vision with Giulio Sciorio: OOC Podcast Episode 30

This week, Chris sits down with Giulio Scriorio to discuss finding your true voice and vision as a photographer. Giulio is …Read More

Profile PhotoChris SmithFebruary 29, 2016

Defining fine art photography: OOC Podcast Episode 26

We welcome Michael Novo to Out of Chicago, who sits down with fine art photographer Thom Rouse in this episode …Read More

Profile PhotoBryan EslerFebruary 1, 2016