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Enter the CameraLabs with Gordon Laing: OOC Podcast Season 4 Episode 4

Chris interviews Gordon Laing from CameraLabs.com Read Gordon’s Sony Alpha A9 review In Camera: Perfect Pictures Straight Out of the …Read More

Profile PhotoLarry ChuaJune 1, 2017

Big cats on safari with Rick Sammon and Jonathan Scott: OOC Podcast Episode 52

On this two-part episode of the Out of Chicago Podcast, Rick Sammon and Jonathan Scott join the podcast to talk about wildlife safari photography in Africa.Read More

Profile PhotoChris SmithSeptember 14, 2016

Choosing your first DSLR lens

Ever since I first bought my DSLR about five years ago, I’ve had a belief that great lenses will help enhance …Read More

Profile PhotoBryan EslerJune 10, 2016