Submit Your Images!

Tony Reynes has offered to take some of your images and work his Photoshop magic on them. Post an image to the "Images for Critique" section of our Google+ community and Tony will pick some of his favorites to work on in Photoshop. Choose whatever images you want. It may be your favorite, your least favorite, or one that needs a little help. Along with your post, you may want to add a comment or questions. In the coming weeks, Tony will publish an article showing what he did to the image and why.

  • Kevin Whitworth

    Chris, where do we submit the image?

  • Kevin Whitworth

    I was thinking it would be nice to see what Tony could do with my machine image. Do you remember the I was having trouble making adjustments to that you and I talked about?

  • outofchicago

    Hey Kevin. I’m hoping that people will put up a post on the Google+ community under Images for Critique. The link is in the post. I’ll have Tony look through those to pick the first one to work on. Thanks!


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