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Composition Workshop: North Dakota in the Spring 2017



Dates 5/21/17 – 5/26/17
Details This is a trip to jump into a time machine and go back over 100 years to a period when this territory was thriving with immigrant farmers. We will be shooting schools, churches, barns, elevators and old cars and trucks. The tour would consist of six days and five nights. We will fly non-stop into Bismarck ND and shoot 2-3 locations on our way to Minot ND which we will use as our hub for the workshop and stay in one hotel. We will spend a maximum of 2 hours at each site, giving time to shoot and give individual instruction. Cost per student is $1700. This includes instruction, hotels and ground transportation in North Dakota. The group would be capped at 10 people signed up.

Leaders Keith French and Tony Reynes will lead the event. Both have strong credentials for teaching and leading events. See credentials for both Keith and Tony

Teaching Objectives The overall objective is the improvement of photographic composition by means of “covering the subject”

 Secondary objectives will be on how to use the camera better. This will include the following:

1. Tripod use

 2. Bracketing

 3. Depth of Field

 4. Pano’s
Weather Planning The high plains are capable of all sorts of weather patterns depending on the jet stream. Strong winds,  driving rain, or high dry heat. It will not change on a moments notice but make sure you are following the Minot weather a week ahead of the trip to dress accordingly.  We have weather alternatives if it gets too bad but we will shoot in moderate rain, or light to moderate snow. Yep Snow. It would look so awesome.


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