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Spring Barn Workshop




We have scouted over 100 barns; these are some of the very best! The tour will consist of visiting 6-10 barns during the day. We will spend a maximum of 30 minutes at each site, shooting from the road, giving time to shoot and receive individual instruction if you ask for it. The tour will start at 8 am at location to be named later. We will be shooting in this manner to maximize the number of barns you can capture. There is a possibility that we will get permission to shoot inside one property. At some point we’ll stop for a fast food break around lunch time and then end at 3. Depending on the amount of participants, we will likely split the people into a Keith group and a Tony group. We will suggest and help arrange carpooling. The tour will be capped at 20. Cost per student is $125.

Recommended Equip

Some of the barns will be some distance from the road so be sure to bring a telephoto and a sturdy tripod.


Keith French and Tony Reynes will lead the event. Both have strong credentials for teaching a leading events. See credentials for Keith and Tony.

Teaching Objectives

The overall objective is the improvement of photographic composition by means of “covering the subject”

 Secondary objectives will be on how to use the camera better. This will include the following:

  1. Tripod use
  2. Bracketing
  3. Depth of Field

Course Curriculum

No curriculum found !
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  • 20 SEATS