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How to find barns and lighthouses

Click here to read part one of Tony’s barns and lighthouses series > When I first started shooting these structures … Read More

Profile PhotoTony ReynesSep 9,16

The business of photography with Scott Bourne: OOC Podcast Episode 47

In this episode, Michael Novo sits down with Photofocus founder Scott Bourne to discuss the business of photography during the … Read More

Profile PhotoMichael NovoJul 26,16

Serving heartbroken families: Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep (NILMDTS) is a non-profit organization that offers free portrait sessions for families that … Read More

Profile PhotoErica WatsonJun 1,16

Practice creating with intent to be a better photographer

Cameras are amazing today. With all their built in tools for exposure, focus and more they end up doing the … Read More

Profile PhotoGiulio SciorioApr 27,16

The customer service experience with Jerry and Melissa Ghionis: OOC Podcast Episode 37

This week, Michael Novo talks with Jerry and Melissa Ghionis, a husband and wife photography team that splits their time … Read More

Profile PhotoMichael NovoApr 18,16

Double your film fun with double exposure photography

A few weeks ago Bryan posted an article about personal projects and how important they are for us to learn, … Read More

Profile PhotoLauri Bower NovakApr 6,16

Camera shy photographer? Here’s the secret for getting over your fears

Have you noticed this awkward moment at photo workshops? The presenter needs a volunteer model during a demonstration, but none … Read More

Profile PhotoScott LawrenceMar 23,16

Take to the skies with new perspectives

fusion_textAerial photography is one of the best ways to change your perspective — especially if you’re an in a creative … Read More

Profile PhotoNick UlivieriMar 2,16

An introduction to Lightroom organization

Is your Lightroom catalog a mess? If so, it’s time to clean it up and build better habits! In this … Read More

Profile PhotoNicholas Pappagallo Jr.Feb 17,16

The great outdoors: OOC Podcast Episode 27

In this episode of the Out of Chicago Podcast, we talk to Chris Nicholson, author of Photographing National Parks, about … Read More

Profile PhotoChris SmithFeb 9,16