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The latest from our instructors, staff and favorite photographers

Abstract architecture and cityscapes with Angie McMonigal and Michael Muraz: OOC Podcast Episode 46

In this episode, Michael Novo sits down with Chicago’s Angie McMonigal and Toronto’s Michael Muraz during the Out of Chicago Conference. Despite … Read More

Profile PhotoMichael NovoJul 19,16

The evocative portrait

Photographs of people are arguably the most universally compelling genre of photography. The human face is instantly recognizable and relatable. … Read More

Profile PhotoSteve SimonJul 14,16

Lindsay Adler and Brooke Shaden headline WPPI Chicago event

I think our Out of Chicago conferences are the best photography events anywhere. But this looks pretty awesome too.  The team … Read More

Profile PhotoChris SmithJul 12,16

Global food photography tips with Jordana Wright: OOC Podcast Episode 45

In this episode, Chicago-based photographer Jordana Wright joins Michael Novo during the Out of Chicago Conference. As a food and lifestyle photographer … Read More

Profile PhotoMichael NovoJul 11,16

Three simple tips to combat reflections in glasses

As a corporate photographer, there’s one thing that gets me frustrated, probably more than anything else. Glasses. Nearly every headshot … Read More

Profile PhotoBryan EslerJul 8,16

Chicago Water Taxi architecture tour with Angie and Chris

Join Angie McMonigal and me for a fun-filled day of architecture photography in downtown Chicago! Last time we explored the … Read More

Profile PhotoChris SmithJul 6,16

Motivation and shooting style with Tim Wallace: OOC Podcast Episode 44

Out of Chicago instructor and award-winning commercial and car photographer Tim Wallace joins Michael Novo for this episode of the … Read More

Profile PhotoMichael NovoJul 4,16

Don’t make pictures that tell stories. Just make stories.

When you set out to make a great picture, there’s a high chance that you’ll fail. The light could be … Read More

Profile PhotoLevi SimJul 1,16

One-on-one with this year’s Out of Chicago Conference presenters

We hope you had a great time at our third annual Out of Chicago Conference! Nicholas Pappagallo was there to … Read More

Profile PhotoBryan EslerJun 30,16

Photographic exposure with Bryan Peterson: OOC Podcast Episode 43

In this episode of the Out of Chicago Podcast, Michael Novo sits down with Bryan Peterson to discuss photographic exposure. … Read More

Profile PhotoMichael NovoJun 29,16