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The latest from our instructors, staff and favorite photographers

A Walk with Mike Moats: OOC Episode 13

I spent a morning with macro photographer Mike Moats. Mike and I walked through one of his favorite places to …Read More

Profile PhotoChris SmithAugust 4, 2014

Summer at the Chicago Botanic Garden: OOC Episode 12

Image by Anne Belmont An interview with Courtney Quigley and Anne Belmont at the Chicago Botanic Garden Butterflies and Blooms …Read More

Profile PhotoChris SmithJuly 28, 2014

The Best Parking Garages for Chicago Photographers: OOC Episode 11

Recent Posts Anderson Japanese Gardens by Pat Coddington An amazing eBook from Marie Laigneau! The Morton Arboretum from Rich Flasburg …Read More

Profile PhotoChris SmithJuly 21, 2014

Deconstructing Art Wolfe on Composition with Tony Reynes: OOC Episode 10

Welcome Wendy Bright as our new editor of the Out of Chicago site. If you’re interested in contributing to the …Read More

Profile PhotoChris SmithJuly 14, 2014

Olympus E-M10 Review, Mike Stephen, and Photographing Reflections: OOC Episode 9

This Saturday is the seminar with Art Wolfe. Use the coupon code “Chicago2014” for 20% off. We may do an …Read More

Profile PhotoChris SmithJuly 7, 2014

Summer in Chicago, Michael Muraz, and Conference Wrap Up: OOC Episode 8

Conference Wrap up The first Out of Chicago conference exceeded all of my expectations. The presenters were amazing! The team …Read More

Profile PhotoChris SmithJune 29, 2014

Angie McMonigal, John Crouch, and Nick Ulivieri: OOC Episode 7

On a very special episode of the Out of Chicago Show… We have interviews with three of the photographers presenting …Read More

Profile PhotoChris SmithJune 23, 2014

Art Wolfe, Post Processing Night Photos, The Old Seminary at UChicago: OOC Episode 6

Please subscribe and leave a review of the podcast on iTunes. Thanks!   Post Processing for Night Photography White balance …Read More

Profile PhotoChris SmithJune 16, 2014

Night Photography Subjects, Max Wilson, North Avenue Beach: OOC Episode 5

Please subscribe and leave a review of the podcast on iTunes   Night Photography Subjects If you missed our last …Read More

Profile PhotoChris SmithJune 9, 2014

Night Photography Camera Settings, Interview with Levi Sim, Buckingham Fountain: OOC Episode 4

Please subscribe and leave a review of the podcast on iTunes. Thanks! I am going to get a podcast out …Read More

Profile PhotoChris SmithJune 2, 2014