Don’t forget! Tomorrow is the last day for early bird registration! Register here.

The biggest questions I’ve had about the conference have been about how to share the links with friends and where to stay. I have created Facebook and Google+ event pages for the conference to help with both of these.

To share the info with your friends on Facebook, go to the event page and hit the “Share” button. To let people know on the Google+ page, click “invite” and then choose your friends to invite or share it with your circles.

I hope that you guys can use these event pages to share where you are staying and if you found deals on hotels. The best deal I’m seeing right now is to stay at the amazing Palmer House Hotel for $189/night. It’s three blocks from the conference center, easily walkable, and is itself a great photographic subject. Actually, it’s one of the places in my Photographer’s Guide to Chicago.

Please let people know that you are coming to the conference and share it with your friends. Thanks!

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