The Chicago Botanic Garden winter photography contest is currently open.  Each season, the botanic garden holds a photo contest for the best photo taken at the garden during that season.  The Grand Prize winners receive year long memberships.  Read more, here.  Look through last year’s winners, here.

Botanic Garden Staff Photographer Robin Carlson holds a free photo walk at 9AM, the first Saturday of every month.  This month’s walk is this Saturday, January 7th in the Fairchild Room in the Regenstein Center.  These walks are laid-back, informative, and you will meet some fun photographers.  Hopefully I will see you there.

Tips for the Chicago Botanic Garden Photo Contest

  1. You only get to submit one photo, so make it your very best.
  2. Choose a photo that represents the garden well.  You may have just taken the best photo ever of your boyfriend/girlfriend, but if it’s not showing off the garden, it won’t be a winner.  Choose something that would make people want to come to the garden.  Look here for some ideas.
  3. For the winter contest, I recommend that the first morning you see freshly fallen/falling snow, you head straight to the garden.  You can enter the garden as the sun is rising and beat everyone else to the fresh snow. Read some tips for cold weather shooting.
  4. Go back more than once.  Go to the garden once just to wander and scout some good ideas.  Once you have a couple ideas for shots, go back when the conditions are perfect.  Then spend 30-60 minutes on each of the shots.  When you get back home, you should have two or three great shots to choose from.
  5. Carefully follow the submission guidelines.  You must size and name your photograph properly.
  6. Have fun!  Enjoy yourself when you’re out there.  One of my favorite times to take a photo hike is when the snow is falling or just fallen.  I hope that it comes soon.



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  1. troy

    beautiful shot, chris. i also like how you tweaked this web site theme. how were you able to change the size of your blog images? i am currently building a site on the same theme and having trouble w/ default aspect ratio…also, i really like your comment/subscription interface. is that a plugin or widget or something?

    • Chris

      Thanks. I needed to tweak the code in the theme files to make some tweaks. I really don’t understand much of this, but 5-6 emails back and forth with the designers of the template helped every time I got stuck. My images are hosted at Smugmug. I copy the embed code from Smugmug and manipulate the code to make it retrieve the images 900px wide. To accommodate these images, I needed to change the HTML in the theme files to change the width of the theme. I forget exactly which line I changed, but I can look it up if you’d like.

      I don’t think that I did anything different for the comments, although I did install Jetpack, which I think added a couple features for Gravatars.


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