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The latest from our instructors, staff and favorite photographers

Photography as Art with Art Wolfe: OOC Podcast Season 4 Episode 3

Join me and the Out of Chicago team at Art Wolfe’s seminar at the Museum of Science and Industry on Sunday, … Read More

Profile PhotoChris SmithMay 23, 2017

Art History and Landscape Photography with Erin Babnik: OOC Podcast Season 4 Episode 2

Erin Babnik is one of my favorite landscape photographers. I can’t wait to have her teach at the Out of … Read More

Profile PhotoChris SmithMay 11, 2017

OOC LIVE Episode 5: Luminosity Masks with Greg Benz

Our fifth episode of Out of Chicago LIVE featured Chris Smith as he welcomed Summer Conference instructor Greg Benz to … Read More

Profile PhotoBryan EslerApril 13, 2017

Photojournalism and Wedding Photography with Bob Davis: OOC Podcast Season 4 Episode 1

Welcome to Season 4 of the Out of Chicago Podcast with Bob Davis! We’ll be back each week with a … Read More

Profile PhotoChris SmithApril 10, 2017

Join us Saturday night for a free photowalk!

What are you doing this weekend to ignite your photography passion? How about if you join Out of Chicago on … Read More

Profile PhotoMalinda Miller KavetschankyApril 7, 2017

Shooting and stitching panoramas

When shooting cityscapes, and especially skylines, I like using wide image aspect ratios to showcase the width of the city. … Read More

Profile PhotoMichael MurazApril 6, 2017

OOC LIVE Episode 4: Mirrorless in the Windy City

Our fourth Out of Chicago LIVE show welcomed Summer Conference instructors Jamie MacDonald and Mike Boening, as they discussed photographing Chicago with … Read More

Profile PhotoBryan EslerApril 4, 2017

The landscape photographer’s perspective on city shooting

The smell of wet earth, the rustle of tall field grass in the wind, the sound of dry twigs crunching … Read More

Profile PhotoJamie MacDonaldMarch 30, 2017

OOC LIVE Episode 3: Photographing Life in the City

Our third Out of Chicago LIVE show welcomed guest host Levi Sim, who was joined by fellow Summer Conference instructors Robert … Read More

Profile PhotoBryan EslerMarch 28, 2017

Five tips for going beyond the cliché

Everybody has seen them. Those iconic places where everyone has to go to, because one just has to have a … Read More

Profile PhotoUgo CeiMarch 23, 2017