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The great outdoors: OOC Podcast Episode 27

In this episode of the Out of Chicago Podcast, we talk to Chris Nicholson, author of Photographing National Parks, about …Read More

Profile PhotoChris SmithFebruary 9, 2016

Working off a shot list with Ralph Velasco: OOC Podcast Episode 24

UPDATE: The code to text has been updated to “Ralph1”. Please email info@outofchicago.com with any questions! Chris talks to Ralph …Read More

Profile PhotoChris SmithJanuary 18, 2016

Getting ready for the Out of Chicago Summer Conference: OOC Podcast Episode 23

Chris Smith gives us an inside look at the details for June’s Out of Chicago Photography Conference, held June 24-26 …Read More

Profile PhotoChris SmithJanuary 15, 2016

Announcing the 2016 Out of Chicago Conference, June 24-26! Register Now!

Today is the day! Registration for the 2016 Out of Chicago Conference is now open! Sign up by January 14th to …Read More

Profile PhotoChris SmithJanuary 7, 2016

Photographing Milwaukee with CJ Schmit: OOC Podcast Episode 22

Milwaukee photographer, CJ Schmit, shoots night photography, cityscapes, and even some studio work. Check out his website here and you find …Read More

Profile PhotoChris SmithSeptember 28, 2015

Photographing Open House Chicago with Eric Rogers: OOC Podcast Episode 21

I had the opportunity to talk with Eric Allix Rogers, Program Coordinator for Open House Chicago. He works with Garrett …Read More

Profile PhotoChris SmithSeptember 22, 2015

Architectural Photography with Julia Anna Gospodarou: OOC Podcast Episode 20

It has been awhile since the last Podcast, but here is our featured speaker at the Architectural Photography Seminar, Julia …Read More

Profile PhotoChris SmithSeptember 8, 2015

Interview with Levi Sim: OOC Episode 19

I have Levi Sim on the Out of Chicago podcast today! He is one of the most energetic photography teachers …Read More

Profile PhotoChris SmithFebruary 16, 2015

Street Photography with Thomas Leuthard: OOC Episode 18

Huge apologies to Thomas Leuthard. We recorded this podcast in August and it’s been sitting on my hard drive since …Read More

Profile PhotoChris SmithJanuary 25, 2015

Hybrid Photography with Giulio Sciorio: OOC Episode 17

The Out of Chicago Conference 2015 has been announced and we have a stellar lineup! My goal is to bring …Read More

Profile PhotoChris SmithJanuary 21, 2015