Welcome to the Out of Chicago blog. I am a photographer located outside the city of Chicago. I enjoy shooting a wide variety of subjects, but my favorite subject is the city of Chicago.

Over the past year we’ve had a few fun Out of Chicago photo walks. It’s always fun to meet and shoot with other passionate photographers.

Out of Chicago Photowalk #3 Group Shot   Did you see that?!

University of Chicago Photo Walk

I hope that the Out of Chicago blog becomes a useful resource for anyone trying to get great shots of the city of Chicago and the surrounding areas. I will try to provide info on the best locations to shoot. There will be ideas for day and weekend trips in and around Chicago. There will be tips and techniques to help you get the best shots and reviews to help you find the best equipment and learning resources. Along the way, I hope to show you some of my favorite shots that I have taken over the years and introduce you to some of my favorite Chicago photographers.

Chris Smith