Things were bittersweet for me this weekend. I called the Chicago Theater to arrange a tour for us to shoot the magnificent interior. A year ago today, I was lucky enough to be part of a 10 person tour of photographers. We got some gorgeous shots of the building. But when I talked to the tour operator, I learned that they no longer allow these types of tours. To add salt to the wounds, I had lost all of my original files from this day a few months ago.

My computer’s hard drive is in the process of crashing, so I’ve been trying to gather up all of my files and make sure that I have them backed up. Along the way, I found a backup of a backup that had my files from the theater. So I went back and spent some time with them. I knew that I had some keepers on here that I hadn’t gotten around to editing.

So I’ve got my files back. But I can’t help but think that we are not going to have the chance to go back and do this again in the future. The theater does offer tours. But you’re not allowed to use tripods and you must stay with the tour. If you haven’t been to the theater, this would be worth your time. You can get information about the tours here.

This shot was taken with the Canon 8-15mm Fisheye Lens at 10mm. I corrected for some of the distortion in Lightroom and cropped it so that I eliminated the black circle around the outside. I added clarity, lowered the highlights, boosted the shadows, and adjusted individual color saturation to get the look I wanted.

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When I’m not staying up all night figuring out the details of our next Out of Chicago Conference, you’ll find me at the park with our son and daughter, playing my guitar, out on the golf course, or following my favorite (Detroit) sports teams. I love Chicago, but I’ll always root for my Tigers, Red Wings, Lions, Michigan sports, and Pistons.

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