Please welcome Tony Reynes to Out Of Chicago. His last name is pronounced Ray-nez. At least that’s how I say it. Or just “Mr. Tony”.

Tony is the president of the Chicago Botanic Garden Photographic Society. He has taught me so much about photography and Photoshop that I wanted him to share some of that knowledge with you. The thing that I like the most about Tony’s relationship with Photoshop is that he doesn’t view it as a tool that you need to learn inside and out. He compares working on an image in Photoshop to being a kid in a candy store. It’s about having fun and trying something new.

Please welcome Tony in the comments section.


Hi, my name is Tony Reynes. Chris and I have been friends since we first met at the camera club 2 years ago. Not only is he a terrific photographer, but he is a good road buddy. I love traveling with a person who is smart, curious, well-read and willing to discuss just about anything without getting uber-emotional.

I got serious about photography in 2001 when my wife gave me a Nikon CoolPix. About six months later I bought a second point n shoot and then I started doing some serious research and bought the Conon 10D with the 24-70. I also decided that if I was going to get serious, I better get into Photoshop…..I think I bought PS 5 (that is not CS5!).

I was the kid that had his own set of X-Acto knives at 8 to build wooden ship models from plans. I was the teenager who bought a soldering iron so I could make stereo equipment through Heathkits. So it was no surprise to myself that learning PS would be right up my alley.

I found out that this hobby was becoming a passion that sucked money. I offset that by getting small gigs to shoot real estate, teach Photoshop and scalp Notre Dame football tickets. I also became pretty good on eBay selling off past hobby stuff.

Spin the clock ahead 10 years or so and I still love photography and post production. I have more lenses and two bodies, still shoot Canon and bought CS 6 shortly after it came out. I have become a better photographer and a much better teacher.

You can see some of my work at and at I post to both of them on an irregular basis because I am sort of lazy in this regard and have a bunch of other stuff on my plate.

Chris asked me to be a contributor to his site because I know a fair amount about Photoshop and I teach it in a fun practical way. I believe the best way to do that is by taking a student’s image, critique it and then have them figure out what needs to be fixed and then I will show them the PS tools that can fix it. The process is fun, problem-solving and helps one learn the practical side of post production pretty quickly.

You will never see long wordy posts from me because I am keyboard-challenged. Chris has asked me to post every two weeks. My plan is to alternate between a point of view I have in photography and taking an image someone submits, critiquing it and making some basic fixes to it.

If you have some thoughts on the whole thing, please reply here or drop me a note at my day job: By the way, that image of me was shot about 5 years ago at the Wave. Carrying 40 pounds of water and equipment over Slickrock for 2 hours in the sun can make a body tired.

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When I’m not staying up all night figuring out the details of our next Out of Chicago Conference, you’ll find me at the park with our son and daughter, playing my guitar, out on the golf course, or following my favorite (Detroit) sports teams. I love Chicago, but I’ll always root for my Tigers, Red Wings, Lions, Michigan sports, and Pistons.

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  • Not only is Tony an excellent photographer and teacher but he is, with out a doubt, one of the nicest and most genuine people I know. I look forward to his future posts. We can all learn a lot about photography and life from Tony!

    • Very well put, Anne. You’re exactly right.

  • A very interesting read, will definitly be paying more attention to his work in the future.

    • Yep. Tony is a great guy. And I know that he will have some tips for you where you’ll say, “I never even thought of that!”


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