Chicago Photography Location #7 of 25: UIC Campus Parking Garage

There is a lot of potential around the University of Illinois-Chicago campus for great images. I first went here for a view of Chicago from the parking garage rooftop. But there are a lot of interesting subjects from the garage. And maybe the best view is from the nearby entrance ramp looking toward downtown.

Getting There

I pulled in the parking lot just east of the garage. There was no one on duty on a Saturday morning. From here I walked up the garage steps to the roof.

Shooting tips

  • Be here at the right time. Sunrise or Sunset will give the most spectacular lighting.
  • Watch the clouds and catch the right moment. On the morning that I got these images, I was happy with the clouds, but looking back at the images, some of them are ruined because of the clouds in the scene. Wait for the clouds to get in the position that you want.
  • Bring a long lens to zoom in on smaller details.

This shot was not intended to relate to the disaster on the East Coast, but I cannot look at this image without thinking about it. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected by Hurricane Sandy.I took this from the parking deck at the University of Illinois-Chicago. I recommend that you find this parking deck and make a morning out of shooting here. I spent an hour or two here last weekend. I gave a bit of a description of how to get here in this post.As for the processing on this shot, I ran four different exposures through Nik HDR Efex Pro 2 and used the And so shines downThe world to meBut what I makeIs what I shall be This past Saturday I got out twice to shoot the city. In the afternoon was the photo walk with some great photographers. More on that in the coming days. In the morning, I found a new location for me at the University of Illinois Campus.I walked the stairs at the UIC parking garage and was able to get a totally new view of the city. To get here, you head west on I-290 from the circle and get off at the first exit. From here you will cross over the expressway to the UIC campus and look for the parking garage. Hopefully you can find somewhere to park. I found a parking lot with the gate open.Usually in a situation where something lands in my frame for a shot, I'll take my time to move into the perfect location, put on the right lens, make a good composition, check the camera settings, and take one last look before taking the shot. And usually the thing that popped up in the shot takes off right before I hit the trigger. In this case, the crow took off a fraction of a second after I got the shot. So, I don't know why, but I think this image was meant to be taken. And so I'm sharing it with you. Have a great week!From

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