A Photo Trip to the Milwaukee Museum of Art


People spend a lot of money to take trips around the world for photography. Some of them rarely get their camera out when they are home. But this is a big mistake if you live in the Chicago area. Some of the greatest photo adventures in the world are within a short day trip from Chicago. The Milwaukee Museum of Art is one of them.

This morning, my Photoshop guru, Tony Reynes, and I woke up early to drive to Milwaukee. We met at 5:30 this morning to make sure we got there for sunrise. We arrived 20 minutes before the sun came up. If I were to do a morning trip again, I would make sure to be there at least 45 minutes before the sunrise. The sky was turning pink and blue over the lake as we drove in.

Immediately when we arrived, we realized that the best location to shoot the building with the sun coming from the southeast would be from the north side of the building with the pink sky behind. But with any location, you want to scout out the area and get a feel for it before you begin shooting. With the sun about to rise, we made our way around the building looking for other angles. The museum looks completely different from different angles.

The fancy name for the “wings” of the museum is the brise soleil. The brise soleil stays in the closed position when the museum is closed. When the museum opens, it takes five minutes for the wings to rise to full position. We did not stay for this, but I will be back.

Today’s image is from the walkway looking east with the closed brise soleil. Expect to be inundated with images from this morning over the coming week.

Not only is Tony a great guy to shoot with, he’s one of the best guys to spend 2 hours with in the car talking photography. From Photoshop, to photography philosophy, to improving the Out Of Chicago site, Tony always has great ideas for me. In the coming weeks, you will be seeing more of Tony Reynes on the site, along with some other additions.

For me, photography is about being creative and having fun. If you’re looking for a photo adventure without breaking the bank, the Milwaukee Museum of Art is an excellent choice.

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When I’m not staying up all night figuring out the details of our next Out of Chicago Conference, you’ll find me at the park with our son and daughter, playing my guitar, out on the golf course, or following my favorite (Detroit) sports teams. I love Chicago, but I’ll always root for my Tigers, Red Wings, Lions, Michigan sports, and Pistons.

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  • One of the reasons that we get along so well is that I am the only person he probably knows who will respond positively and with enthusiasm to a weekend meeting at 5:30 am, with little notice. And we only live about 12 minutes apart.

    I firmly believe that we all have our internal clocks and mine is set for early. There is something about the silence before dawn that settles and centers me. I pretty much can reset all the sensors in me to zero so I can approach the new day with a touch of wonder. I will get some of my shots up to Chris’s site later this week.

    • I can’t wait to see your shots, Tony!


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