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If you really want to get better at photography, in today’s digital age, you also need to be good at post-processing your images. I love learning from online tutorials, but I learned more from 5 sessions with Tony Reynes than anywhere else.

I met Tony at my first meeting of the Garden Photographic Society at the Chicago Botanic Garden. Tony is the president of the club. I am a member. Tony invited me to his house for a portfolio review and to show me some ways to improve my images. This lead me to sign up for a series of Photoshop lessons with him.

I expected to learn the fundamentals of Photoshop. I expected to know a bunch more keyboard shortcuts when I was done. But what I learned changed not only the way that I process images, but the way that I approach photography.

Rather than learning simply how to apply something like a saturation adjustment to an image, Tony also taught me why to apply certain adjustments. He gave me a huge bag of tricks to play with that I use on almost all of my images now.

Tony also gave me honest, constructive, critique on my images. He has a knack for explaining what works in an image and what can be changed to improve it. He’s a fun guy that is passionate about photography. And although he takes his photography very seriously, he never takes himself too seriously.

I guess this comes off as an advertisement, but I truly appreciate what he’s done for me and I know that he can do the same for you. If you’re interested in working with Tony Reynes (pronounced Ray-nez), email him at His prices are very reasonable. Tony lives in the north Chicago suburbs and if you don’t live in Chicago, you may be able to convince him to help you via Skype.

Tony on the hunt for his favorite subject, that next killer barn shot.

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